Donald 2016

Donald 2016 This one goes down in history both at home and abroad. Not only was it a big year for Donald from Donald: a little further away from home another Donald also had a bit to say – and earned the Time magazine accolade of the Person of the Year. A big congrats to Donald Trump, and all the best to him as he embarks on his biggest undertaking yet. There’s a lot at stake for all leaders, but [...]

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One Foot On The Podium Wins Silver

One Foot On The Podium Wins Silver. I never would have anticipated I would hear those words when I published my first book. To say winning a silver medal is a proud moment for me is an understatement, it is so much more than just a silver medal for a book that has been judged in the Australia/New Zealand - Best Regional Non-Fiction category To win a Silver medal is a truly humbling experience. Though the real joy comes from knowing [...]

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What if?

What if? Every now and again I think of what the outcomes may have been of my sporting career if certain things did or didn't happen. I wonder what my life may have looked like if I had of been taught to run and use my artificial leg to the best of my ability by people that know them best rather than me just working it out as I went. Sure I had some good coaches and fantastic prosthetist throughout [...]

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A Commonwealth Games Sporting Dream

Never did I think it would be possible for me to have a chance of realise my Commonwealth Games Sporting Dream It’s March 2013. I’m on my way to help one of my old coaches out by having a chat with one of the leg-amputee discus throwers he’s working with. As a former multi-event athlete, it’s not uncommon for me to be called upon to assist others, particularly leg amputees who are chasing their sporting dreams. I’m standing in the carpark [...]

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From little things big things grow

A meeting to say hello and maybe just maybe find a little motivation. I would never have imagined that 8 years down the track that little meeting would have been the start of a journey delivering so many amazing moments. The meeting took place in the Pulse studios, a community radio station in Geelong. I was volunteering some time most Saturdays to talk sport with my co host Peter Nelis, I met the teenage girl & her dad she had [...]

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Don Elgin Award

How good is this, I received this message following a presentation to a group of young people with PKU "Just wanted to let you know, there is a Don Elgin award happening at camp. It will be awarded to the child who is most adventurous in trying new foods. They loved the talk and appreciated you hanging around for the photos and showing a genuine interest. Thanks again." Mel from Nutrica It made my day to receive this, It's this [...]

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Living in a world with no rules

How would we cope living in a world with no rules, no laws? Would it be mayhem, would civilisation survive? Is there a chance we would all die without order or would we all get along? I have often been fascinated how a simple line on a map, a sign, a river maybe even an ocean can be the difference between life and death for doing or not doing the exact same thing. Is it just me or do others [...]

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NZ shake rocks my world

Watching the news and listening to the tragic accounts of the Christchurch earth quake has really shaken me to the point of tears knowing just three weeks ago I was walking around and taking photos on the beautiful city of Christchurch and marveling in the miracle no one had died in the September earthquake. Sadly the same can’t be said this time round. My heart goes out to all the wonderful people I was fortunate to meet in my recent [...]

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Can your kids be your mates

I’m good friends with my parents but I wonder is it ok for me to be mates with my girls. I still remember the day my dad asked me if I wanted to be his mate, he said I can be your dad or I can be your mate, wow I thought how good would this be if my dad is my mate, he is not likely to tell me off when I’m bad….WRONG. Dad and I are mates so [...]

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