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One Foot Beyond the Podium – Kindle

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“My first book, One Foot On The Podium, told the tale of the early part of the life of a country kid who’d been born without the lower part of his left leg and grew up with four siblings.

It traced my sporting career from its humble beginnings via success as an 18-year-old winning gold at world athletic championships to medalling in the pentathlon at the Sydney Paralympic Games in 2000. It also documented my larrikin existence off the track, and the lessons I’d learned about persistence, determination, family and mateship.Realising that what I’d experienced along the way could help people other than athletes to lead more fulfilling lives, I discovered a passion for speaking to groups of individuals from many walks of life. At these functions I was often asked if I had a book.

For many years I had to say no, but thanks to the persistence of my good friend Sharni Wells and my Dad, I finally teamed up with writer Kevin Moloney, editor Anne Roussac-Hoyne and book designer Sophie Campbell, and released One Foot on the Podium in 2015. To my great delight, the book won a silver medal at the following year’s Independent Publishers’ Book Awards (best non-fiction, Australia and New Zealand region).

“One Foot Beyond the Podium is the narrative of the next phase of my life, touching on continued success in athletics, my transition after competition, and my coming of age as a husband, father and businessman. It was always my plan to share the stories that transcend the podium. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed living them.”



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