School Functions

With four children of his own, Don knows a thing or two about relating to children! With over 15 years experience presenting at schools across the world Don quickly and easily engages students with his amazing stories on life, overcoming adversity, tolerance and how to ‘have a crack’ at life no matter how hard things may get.

Intertwining his stories with humour, photos and even a false leg or two Don has inspired students of all ages and he has a unique ability to capture the attention of even the most distracted students!!!

But why should the students receive all the attention? Don is also able to provide Teachers and Administration staff with an equally motivating experience whether its getting through the tough ‘report writing’ period or more strategic endeavours such as change management.


Encouraging students to be the best they can be Don will leave everyone in the audience ready to “have a crack”!


Providing students with practical advice on how to keep persevering despite all the challenges life can throw your way.


Don will empower the students with skills on how to not only cope with, but embrace change.


Don will provide students with practical tips on how to deal with bullying and the impact it can have on individuals.

Presentation Content

Don has literally presented to thousands of students across the globe and he continually updates his presentation to ensure it is current and contains topical content that all students can relate to. The core of Don’s presentation is built on four key foundations – Inspire, Resilience, Change and Bullying with each explained further below.

Don is also able to provide a customised presentation to tailor for your specific needs. This may include a presentation following trauma,  issues with low self esteem or of particular groups not working well together to name just a few. With Positive Education also growing in popularity Don is able to integrate this methodology seamlessly into his presentation.

Ready to engage Don for your next school function?