Don Elgin

Giddy Up Podcast Season 2 Episode 9

S2E9 GiddyUp Podcast with Don Elgin and Justin Tippett

Lucky escapes, another adoption story with a twist, missing dogs, great tips, scary dolls, funny jokes and heaps more to make you laugh.

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Better late than never

With our live streaming to YouTube and Facebook gaining momentum we were a little slow in publishing this episode as a podcast. We’ve given ourselves a slap on the wrist to make sure it doesn’t happen again as we love our podcast listeners just as much!

In this week’s show:

  • Wacky, weird & Wonderful –  Lucky escapes, Adolf Hilter is back, Baby Pandas, Missing Monaliths, another Adoption story and Missing Dogs.
  • Geek of the Week – the Arecibo Dish
  • You Bloody Ripper – How good is this: Pet Medical Crisis and the great layby pay off. 
  • Don’s Pick of the Week – The history of Christmas lights
  • JT’s Pick of the Week– Australia’s love of pets is official. 
  • Bizarre News Stories – Dodgy Powerball numbers, escaping Wallaroo and a Scary Doll.
  • Once upon a time – Growing up on a farm.  
  • What’s happening with GEN Z – Time Magazine’s Kid of the Year.
  • Down Under – The incredible story of Australian swimmer Chloe McCardel
  • Lifehack of the Week –  Nothing this week… 
  • 12 Rounds with JT and Donnie – Nothing this week… 
  • Hero of the Week – We pay tribute to two men who drowned trying to save their kids.
  • Dad Joke of the Week – Turtles and snails, a blind man goes to Texas and a monk breaks his vows of silence.
  • Pro Tip of the Week– The Money Whisperer with some great tips on housing and cryptocurrency. 
  • Dickhead of the Week– Nothing this week… 
  • Media Watch – Why you shouldn’t bring your kids to work… 
  • Final Fling – The importance of using manners. 

This week’s prize winners

Thanks to our great sponsors and TomEm, congratulations to Judy H who scored the $150 Tradie voucher on the big wheel and for winning the prize for the best contributor! Yes, the first person who has won both prizes in the same week!  

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