Don Elgin

Giddy Up Podcast Season 2 Episode 6

GiddyUp Podcast S2E6

A life-saving whale, naughty cats, massive dogs, the real ‘liquid gold’, how to fix your passwords, medical breakthroughs, great jokes and lots more!

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Hitting their groove!

It’s been described as our ‘best show yet’ and ‘wow, each week just gets better and better”. OK sure, we paid them but hey, we’ll take it 😉 

In this week’s show:

  • Wacky, weird & Wonderful –  Titanic tours, a cat’s interesting debt, a whale tail saves a TRAIN, an election in the US with a difference (nothing to do with Trump or Biden!) and dilemma for Trip Advisor. 
  • Geek of the Week – How secure is your password? We reveal the most used passwords and some simple tips to make yours more secure. 
  • You Bloody Ripper – Hard to go past the great COVID news with Vic on 14 days of 00 and all states (except those bloody Western Australians) opening their borders by Christmas. 
  • Bizarre News Stories – Denmark’s max extermination and Nestle starting to use insect protein.
  • Once upon a time – A game-changing discovery about big game hunters that flips traditional gender roles on its head and the ‘liquid gold’ you never knew about. 
  • Don’s Pick of the Week – Don goes big. Real big. 
  • JT’s Pick of the Week– An incredible medical innovation that you just have to hear (and even then you’ll scratch your head).
  • What’s happening with GEN Z – Is homework overrated? We found one teacher who is the new hero of school kids everywhere. 
  • Down Under – We learn about Australia’s oldest instrument and we discuss the recent call to change the lyrics in the Australian National Anthem.
  • Lifehack of the Week –  With Christmas just around the corner, Don has some tips on how to get your lights powered up outside without killing yourself. 
  • 12 Rounds with JT and Donnie – The boys are still suffering from their last bout and have taken the week off. 
  • Hero of the Week – Hard to go past Eric the Parrot who saved his owner from certain death.
  • Pro Tip of the Week– Another cracking couple of tips from the Money Whisperer. 
  • Dickhead of the Week– JT has had a gutful of the entire Bachelor series and he tests Don’s knowledge of which couples have gone the distance. 
  • Dad Joke of the Week– A woman in labour and some naughty parrots
  • Final Fling – A great tip on how to keep smiling. 

This week’s prize winners

Thanks to our great sponsors and TomEm, congratulations to Heather E who scored the $150 Tradie voucher on the big wheel and Miranda L for winning the prize for the best contributor! 

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