Don Elgin

Giddy Up Podcast Season 2 Episode 4

Heaps of weird, wonderful and wacky news stories, jokes, life hacks and this week’s special guest – Australian Paralympian Danni Di Toro.

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Live shows go next level! 

This week the guys tested out the new Facebook Live studio and after a rough start (that’s putting it mildly) things eventually got underway. 

In this week’s show:

  • Whacky, weird & Wonderful –  The Irish COVID killer, the ‘Dragon Girl’ transformation and we take a look at some different customs from around the world.
  • Geek of the Week – Harley Davidson has gone green with their new product. 
  • You Bloody Ripper – South Australia hits an exciting new milestone with Solar Energy. 
  • Bizarre News Stories – Dodgy business class flights, drunk Russian tank pilots and a world record ping pon challenge you could try at home. 
  • Once upon a time – We take a trip down memory lane to remember some of things we used to do as kids that now would be umm, strongly frowned upon!
  • Don’s Pick of the Week – A dog decides to parade around with something that captured a bit of attention. 
  • What’s happening with GEN Z – Muck up days, a new Harry Styles video and Hubie Halloween arrives in time for Halloween. 
  • Down Under – We learn more about another great Australian innovation. 
  • Lifehack of the Week – How to stop those squeaky doors and how to remove bad smells from your shoes.
  • 12 Rounds with JT and Donnie – This week the boys go head to head with the Australian Paralympian Danni Di Toro.
  • Hero of the Week – We take our hats off to the Richmond Football Club but not for what you might think. 
  • Pro Tip of the Week– The Money Whisperer provides some advice for first home buyers and the property market. 
  • Dickhead of the Week– Good news with no nomination this week! 
  • JT’s Pick of the Week– How cancer researchers accidentally found a new secret organ in the human head! 
  • Dad Joke of the Week– A lady stumbles across a Genie frog and then would you believe it, so does a Bear and a Rabbit…
  • Final Fling– Don leaves you with a great tip on doing a random act of kindness. 

This week’s prize winners

Thanks to our great sponsors and TomEm, congratulations to Daniel A who scored the $150 Tradie voucher and Briony M for winning the prize. 

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