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Giddy Up Podcast Episode 2

Great news! After a successful court injunction, JT and Don are back for Episode 2 of the Giddy Up Podcast. 

With JT finally figuring out how to press a few buttons and after some fan feedback from Episode 1, the boys got more into their groove and the swear meter didn’t get anywhere near as much of a workout. 

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Listen to Episode 2 now:

What’s on this weeks episode

In this week’s Giddy Up Podcast Episode 2 the guys discuss:

  • What got your attention this week? With Black Lives Matter still dominating the headlines the boys discuss if things are going too far with statues being vandalised, TV shows being removed from Netflix and so on. 
  • Media watch – The Project gets another run this week but this time Dr Andrew Rochford and Kitty Flanagan take centre stage…
  • Lifehack of the week – After some requests from the fans after Episode 1, this week we put Mental Health in the spotlight along with some tips on how to steer your day in the right direction. 
  • Heroes and zeroes – Fresh from attacking Delta Goodram last week, this week Don goes for someone much closer to home. As for the Heroes, the attention turns to a local legend in Adelaide. 
  • Celebrity rewind – Multiple athletics gold medal winner Tamsyn Manou (nee Tamsyn Lewis) shares some insights into some key moments in her life
  • Dad joke of the week – After raving reviews from the first episode Dad Joke of the Week is back for a second round. 
  • Customer Service Blowtorch – Not content with attacking Telstra, this time JT turns his attention to FlyBuys. 
  • Audience Q&A – Don talks to JT about his adoption journey. 

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