One Foot On The Podium Wins Silver.

I never would have anticipated I would hear those words when I published my first book.

To say winning a silver medal is a proud moment for me is an understatement, it is so much more than just a silver medal for a book that has been judged in the Australia/New Zealand – Best Regional Non-Fiction category

To win a Silver medal is a truly humbling experience. Though the real joy comes from knowing the journey.

My dad, often suggested I should write a book and as with many things my dad would say, I would often dismiss it without giving it the credit it deserved. The main reason for this is my dad, along with being my toughest critic is also my biggest fan and would often talk about, no, he would brag about me to anyone who would listen and sometimes I felt a little embarrassed. Though having four kids of my own, I now appreciate its what dads do. It’s called daddy pride.

So along with many people in my audiences over the years who would ask me if I had a book and then encourage me to write one, I did. The issue was life would often get in the way and writing a book was not always my number 1 priority.

I knew I couldn’t write it alone. There is a very different skill set to being a motivational speaker in front of corporate audiences around the world and writing a book. I worked with a number of ‘writers’ over the years and unfortunately, for different reasons of their own, the good people who were on board ended up being unable to advance far with me on the book. They too had ‘life’ get in the way.

My team Kevin Moloney, Anne Roussac-Hoyne and Sophie Campbell were the ones who got us to the finish line and all did a great job.

The ones who are not in the book are the reason the book made it to the podium, they are the ones who never stopped believing in me, my good mate Sharni Wells, my Dad, Mum, brother and three sisters. Not only did they support the story they supported my trip to Chicago to collect the Silver Medal.

I know how fortunate I am to have my beautiful wife Denise and four kids full support, they have allowed me to use our time and money to make One Foot On The Podium a reality.

The story coming to life is really a testament to perseverance. I started writing this book in the year 2000 following the Paralympic games in Sydney. It took 14 years to find the team that would work with me and ultimately publish the book one year later. The following year I would be awarded a Silver medal for our efforts. This award is my reminder to never let go of a dream and no matter how many setbacks we receive along the way to be willing to get back up and have another crack.

One Foot One the Podium – Silver Medal, you little ripper.

Don with wife Denise and Silver medal IPPY Awards Chicago

Don with wife Denise and Silver medal IPPY Awards Chicago