Fundraising Events

We know that fundraising for a cause or community is no easy task! Balancing the costs of running an event and ensuring there are funds left over is no easy task. Then you’ve got to ensure that your keynote speaker has a wide enough appeal that will bring in a crowd and entertain all of your audience.

Don has been speaking at fundraising events for over 20 years entertaining the audience with his down to earth and engaging style that balances having a good laugh whilst delivering some powerful messages.

With Don’s broad appeal you can expect to attract signifiant numbers to your event and better yet, each one of them will leave his keynote speech feeling they received value for money.

And for the organising committee, Don and his management team are are incredibly easy to deal with enabling you to focus on maximising the returns for your cause.


If there is one thing that audiences comment on its how warm and engaging Don is from the very first moment he first steps on stage.


Don has a unique way to motivate everyone to do the best with what they have without all usual ra, ra, ra in your face style that can be off-putting.


The audience will be inspired to “have a crack” at life and not worry about the little things and to enjoy the bumps along the way.


Don will empower your guests with little tips and stories that will empower them to take control of how they feel and behave towards others.

Each presentation is tailored just for you

Don’s keynote presentation is fully customisable to ensure there is a perfect balance in entertainment and delivering your key messaging theme. Typical themes are detailed above however Don will confirm any key messages or outcomes you wish to convey to your audience.

Ready to book Don for your fundraising event?

To find out more about incorporating Don into your next fundraising events including costs and availability please use the contact button below.

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