Australia’s sporting history

The home of many of the most memorable performances in Australia’s sporting history was once a thriving cattle-yard way out west of Sydney. It was this old stockyard that gave me back a wealth that was no longer accessible to most Australians, though you can bet your bottom dollar it didn’t come easy. You see, the loss of the cattle-yard to make way for Homebush Stadium and the surrounding infrastructure of the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games was of [...]

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Just chop it off, Sally

Just chop it off, Sally. Hurdler and Olympic gold medallist Sally Pearson breaks her wrist in a Diamond League race in Rome doing what she does best – racing. She makes an off-the-cuff comment soon after, and all hell breaks loose. Every human being that’s ever had a plan can tell you things don’t always work out right. A race can be brought to an abrupt halt with one slight stuff-up… and so can a media conference. Almost as quick [...]

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My 2014 Commonwealth Games experience

My 2014 Commonwealth Games experience was nothing short of bloody awesome. There were plenty of set backs along the way but that's life and I know any goal worth having is worth working for. Being selected to take on the best athletes in the Commonwealth is a real buzz, to make the final of the discus was my goal and I'm delighted I was able to do that. I finished 8th. I loved the chance to explore Scotland and have a [...]

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The right leg for the job

As an amputee I know how important it is to have the right leg for the job. Six years after retiring from elite sport, I was looking for a new challenge. At just about this time, I learned that the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games were to include the discus throw for leg amputees – a first in Comm Games history. I teamed up with an old mate – prosthetist and former discus-thrower Richard Fejer from OAPL – to assist me in [...]

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Step by step to the Commonwealth Games

Step by step to the Commonwealth Games There is no doubt with hard work great things can be achieved. Qualifying for the Commonwealth Games has been a tough and exciting journey, one of the things that excites me about this opportunity to represent our great country is the constant willingness to be the best I can be, it's so much easier to push yourself when you know why you are doing it. This video was taken during my strength and [...]

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Don Elgin Commonwealth Games journey

Don Elgin Commonwealth Games journey hasn't been easy but it has been fun. Like all elite athletes there have been some set backs but they are soon put aside when your goal of being selected is realised. I took my camera to training to capture some of what I get up to, maybe I shouldn't have strapped the camera to the discus... Keep smiling Cheers Don  

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A Commonwealth Games Sporting Dream

Never did I think it would be possible for me to have a chance of realise my Commonwealth Games Sporting Dream It’s March 2013. I’m on my way to help one of my old coaches out by having a chat with one of the leg-amputee discus throwers he’s working with. As a former multi-event athlete, it’s not uncommon for me to be called upon to assist others, particularly leg amputees who are chasing their sporting dreams. I’m standing in the carpark [...]

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Game On – Discus Don

Love being back in training and so happy to have some awesome support. Check out what happens when I take my camera to training. Click the link & come fly with me :) Training for discus

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Racism, what can we learn?

So in the midst of the AFL's Indigenous Round racism has raised it’s head again…or has it? Has it just highlighted the need for society to focus on our need to be more resilient? I would like to be really clear here, I don’t support racism in anyway, nor do I support bullying, in which I see no separation between the two. I made comment on my Facebook page and overwhelmingly my ‘friends’ I grew up with in a small [...]

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