AV Requirements

To ensure audiences receive the maximum enjoyment from Don’s presentation its critical that he has access to suitable Audio & Visual components.


Don will require the use of a microphone for the entire presentation. His preference is for a wireless hand-held microphone that enables him to move sufficiently around the podium. If a question time will form part of the presentation then Don would prefer there is a roving microphone for audience members to enable him to hear questions sufficiently.

Don typically uses a powerpoint presentation that contains images and movies. Please ensure that the screen size enables all audience members to view the content sufficiently.

As a keynote speaker its important that all audience members have a clear view of Don during his presentation. If the venue has single level flooring, please ensure there is an elevated podium area for Don to stand upon.

Don can talk loudly but for the enjoyment for all audience members please ensure there is sufficient speakers to enable everyone to hear the presentation.

Don will bring his own laptop containing his presentation along with either a VGA or HDMI output.

Please ensure there is power available for his laptop.

If you are unable to meet the requirements please contact us and we will work with you on a solution.  Please note that for smaller functions Don may be able to provide sufficient audio and visual components.