Back at work for anther year, the holiday was great, you relaxed, had time with the people that matter most to you and you feel really excited about the new opportunities that are going to come your way in the new year. Just one problem…

You are over the people you work with, as a matter of fact you would not care less if you never saw your boss again, stuff it all, your going to quit this job and start fresh.

You need a change.

My advice is don’t do it…yet.

Some great advice was given to me when I contemplated leaving a very secure job through frustration of a few people. Don’t leave until you have three months wages saved. Wow I thought how on earth will I manage to save three months wages, but I did and the best thing about it, I then didn’t feel like I had to leave to get away from these people and a Job I no longer wanted to do. In fact knowing I had three months worth of wages saved actually gave me power. The power I used each day going to the job at my own choice. Then with the comfort of knowing I had a buffer I planned to exit and new beginning.

I can say with a massive smile not only on my face but in my heart, I’m now loving life more than ever and leaving when I did was the right thing for me to do

My advice is simple, don’t live your life doing something you really don’t want to be doing, but don’t jump out of the fry pan and into the fire because you didn’t use your time wisely.

Have a great year.