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ALS Ice bucket challenge

ALS Ice bucket challenge is a brilliant example of the power of social media used in a positive way. I have seen first hand the impact of MND and personally I hope that everyone gets nominated. Not only will being involved with the ALS ice bucket challenge make a difference and help the researches but it brings this hideous disease out to the open and gives us all a chance to be educated. There is a cure out there and [...]

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My 2014 Commonwealth Games experience

My 2014 Commonwealth Games experience was nothing short of bloody awesome. There were plenty of set backs along the way but that's life and I know any goal worth having is worth working for. Being selected to take on the best athletes in the Commonwealth is a real buzz, to make the final of the discus was my goal and I'm delighted I was able to do that. I finished 8th. I loved the chance to explore Scotland and have a [...]

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