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River to Rio

I 'm fortunate I get to travel the world empowering people to do more with the life they have, sharing tips from my journey and encouraging people  to seize every opportunity. I intend to walk the talk more than ever over the next four years. Join me on the journey, warts and all, I know it's going to be tough and the only thing I can be sure of is, I wont die wondering. Enjoy the journey Cheers Don

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A new beginning

Back at work for anther year, the holiday was great, you relaxed, had time with the people that matter most to you and you feel really excited about the new opportunities that are going to come your way in the new year. Just one problem... You are over the people you work with, as a matter of fact you would not care less if you never saw your boss again, stuff it all, your going to quit this job and [...]

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