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Don Elgin Award

How good is this, I received this message following a presentation to a group of young people with PKU "Just wanted to let you know, there is a Don Elgin award happening at camp. It will be awarded to the child who is most adventurous in trying new foods. They loved the talk and appreciated you hanging around for the photos and showing a genuine interest. Thanks again." Mel from Nutrica It made my day to receive this, It's this [...]

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Protein, it could kill you

I recently spoke with a group of young people, they were engaged and asked some fantastic questions, this surprised the organiser as per her comments at the end of my presentation, 'that is the longest they have ever sat still and listened'. I know they took a lot from what I had to say, I know this because they took the time to tell me. The surprise for me came following the presentation, on reflection I was the one that [...]

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