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Flag Bearer

Congratulations to one of the best blokes in the business Greg Smith (Rus) given the honour of leading our country out at the 2012 Paralympics. Australia could not be in better hands this time round. I'm a fan of Rus, he shared a house with me and a few other loose ends in the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Village.  That is where Rus came from, Smithy as he is usually know looked a little too much like a Russell back then [...]

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  Cardiff an amazing place Cardiff Wales, the home of some of the most beautiful laneways and amazing shopping, surprising coffee shops, funky tattoo parlors and jaw dropping architecture. This place has capitalised on hosting the Olympic football. Now they play host to many of Australia’s Paralympic games teams. I have relished saying hello to the castle out my bedroom window morning and night and will forever remember Cardiff with the indelible imprint that has been left. if there were [...]

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The journey

It’s the anticipation that gets you at first, you know the work has been done and as each minute ticks by you know there is less you can do to control the situation. The athletes are excited and nervous, the parents are even more nervous than excited, how will my child cope if they don’t get their desired outcome? What are the others around them going to be like? It’s a long way to go, not to be there with [...]

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Living in a world with no rules

How would we cope living in a world with no rules, no laws? Would it be mayhem, would civilisation survive? Is there a chance we would all die without order or would we all get along? I have often been fascinated how a simple line on a map, a sign, a river maybe even an ocean can be the difference between life and death for doing or not doing the exact same thing. Is it just me or do others [...]

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True Athletes

I'll start with declaring my bias for multi-event athletes, as I competed in the Pentathlon for below knee amputees at three Paralympic games. When I watch the Olympics I see the amazingly proportionate bodies of the multi-events athlete competing in the Heptathlon and Decathlon and it's seems obvious to me what this sports about, balance. Not oversized muscles that are good for one or two things in life, not the skinny lanky bodies that can run all day but the [...]

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