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It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot, particularly around times of big sporting events like the Olympic games. I’ve often questioned how sports people can be hero's, let’s be honest, most of the sports people that get called heroes are just people that have perused a passion and fortunately have become very good at it. What about the doctors, nurses, teachers, life savers, parents, police, fire fighters, vets, soldiers and other true leaders in our society that have [...]

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Oscar Pistorius

Competing at the Olympic games is without doubt one of the greatest achievement any athlete can have on their resume, though what if you shouldn’t be there! For many years now I have admired Oscar Pistorius, not for the reason so many people give when describing the boy born without the lower parts of both his legs, the word courageous gets tagged to almost any person with a disability that gets of their bum. I don’t see Oscar as any [...]

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